Performance Marketing


Adotize offers a suite of online marketing solutions that advanced technologies and marketing expertise. Adotize is a blend of both brand builder and performance medium for advertiser.

Adotize offers brodest range of solutions across:-

1. Performance Channels

Adotize can be your recourse, if you are looking for the perfect solutions that can be offer you excellent way of monetizing or advertising your website, product or services


1. Mobile@ Adotize- Adotize is India's fastest growing affiliate network,one of the best CPA, CPI affiliate marketing company, specializing in connecting consumers and advertisers in the most convenient and effective way possible.

2. Result@ Adotize- Adotize is specilzed in connecting advertizes looking for great results to publishers looking to generate

-- more revenue.

-- We work on all types of model such as CPI, CPA, CPL,CPC, CPV, CPS, CPO etc. Our agency focuses on maximizing ROI for our all advertisers.


1. Premium campaigns

1. Massive reach, deivered through premium publishers, media buying